Egresados Colegio San Patricio

It seems to me like yesterday when I first met you, some of you were in your first year of Primary school! Time passed by and now you are grown ups who are about to finish your secondary school. Today we are all here waiting for you to go onstage and perform this “Last Concert”full of emotion and contradictory feelings. On the one hand I am really happy for your closing one important step in your young lives knowing that the way you are about to start will surely be full of  positive things. Never forget that success is inside you, you only have to work on it to make it come true. And on the other hand we have this feeling that is not sadness but something similar to that, this knowing that you won´t be with us when the school term starts again and you can´t imagine how hard that is, it’s not easy to let you go… Anyway, here we are, the night is all yours, it’s “your moment”, laugh, enjoy, be happy, and most important of all, keep it in your heart as one of your most valuable memories because it will surely be. These words are for you 3rd Polimodal, with all my love.



Lorena Giaccaglia

Secondary Headmistress