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Saint Patrick´s College

Francisco Alvarez, 1st. December 2013


My dear students:

                            We´re stepping into the last stage of the school year … your last year in Saint Patrick´s ! Some of you have grown up here at the same time our institution grew throughout the years… and both of us are proud of our achievements.

                             Each of you has a baggage of knowledge and academic school experience that gets you ready to go to university walking towards future life. We know you are up to our expectations although sometimes you have not been able to demonstrate your real capacities. But we are aware of the fact that … when necessity comes…. you will get inside yourselves the right attitude to cope with difficulties, to solve situations and to develop your abilities through new experiences  .

                         You´re ready to put up with bad weather conditions as well as enjoy the sunshine. Everything is inside yourselves. In your hearts and  minds. I´m sure you will be surprised to discover the treasure of strengths, knowledge and efficient tools you´ve got in the deepest corners of your soul.

                     Dear students, you´re ready to leave. And we´re ready to say goodbye. To open the school doors in a farewell to life . A little sad today… but full of hope. Remember that we trust you. And  our prayers will  accompany each moment of your future life as a present from Saint Patrick´s kept and treasured in his generous blessing till the time we get together again.


 Love, from the very bottom of my heart,


Susan Capalbo


Día de San Patricio