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Concert de Secundaria San Patricio 2013

That night we welcomed parents, grandparents, friends and family , everybody gathered together to see you perform, dance, sing and show the result of a whole year’s work. We said goodbye to some of you who were finishing life at school and how important that was. Perhaps at that very moment you didn’t get to understand or to realize that one of the most beautiful stages of life was about to finish. You’ve grown up now and you have to face life with its great things and difficult moments too, but you are ready to do so, I have no doubt of it. To our 4th and 5th years students: you are our future, think about all the things you’ve done so far and the effort you’ve made to be where you are today, and be aware of the way ahead of you, take advantage of it, enjoy life at school, be happy, that is our deepest wish for all of you, a HAPPY LIFE. And bear in mind that as someone always says… THE BEST IS YET TO COME!