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Dear Students,


Perhaps you have been waiting for this moment  for your whole school life. Perhaps those 6th year students where like heroes for you when you were in  primary school. That day that was so far away is today, is your day. You are the heroes tonight and I’m sure that tomorrow this will be one of those memories that will remain inside you for ever. Enjoy this moment, make the most of it, have fun. This is goodbye to school days and the beginning of a new life ahead of you full of  unexpected things that you will have to deal with. And as I told you the other day, follow your dreams and fight for them. Difficulties may arise along the way and if there are moments when you think that you can´t go just  remember this: “NEVER GIVE UP”, that is my message for you tonight. And what I want you to always bear in mind is that “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”,


With all my love,

Lorena Giaccaglia

Secondary Headmistress

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